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Life Imitates The Simpsons, Campaign Edition

Mitt Romney’s Super PAC America’s Future Fund, like all Super PACs, does not have to disclose its donors. Multiple reports of donors to Romney’s other Super PAC, Restore Our Future, have shown a heavy to overwhelming presence by the financial industry.

It is therefore more than a little ironic that the latest AFF ad is 100 percent devoted to assailing President Obama for accepting campaign donations from Wall Street and having also supported the bailout of Wall Street. Now, it’s true that Obama endorsed the bailout (which — true fact! — was enacted by President Bush), staffed his administration with a healthy share of Wall Street veterans, and has not gone as far in cracking down on Wall Street as many liberals would like. On the other hand, the regulation he fought for and signed, is having a pretty sweeping impact on the industry, which helps explain why Romney is pledging to repeal it.

So let’s review the chain of events:

1. Wall Street lobbied for and received lenient regulation from both parties,

2. Proceeded to crash the world economy,

3. Received a financial bailout in order to contain the damage to everybody else,

4. Became enraged that, as a result of the backlash ensuing from steps 1-3,  some people and even elected officials had unkind words,

5. Decided to raise vast, undisclosed sums for a candidate from Wall Street who is running to keep their taxes low and eliminate the regulation of the industry that resulted from the backlash against them, who is now

6. Attacking his opponent as a Wall Street stooge.

Got that? Summary of new message: Obama is soft on financial crime. Sideshow Bob for Mayor!

Life Imitates The Simpsons, Campaign Edition