Matt Lauer Planted Boxer Briefs in Meredith Vieira’s Purse

Meredith Vieria stopped by the Tonight Show last night, and promised Jay Leno that her ongoing prank wars with Matt Lauer aren’t over. During a recent visit to the Today Show for a Rock Center promo, she lipstick-tagged Matt Lauer’s office mirror with some swear words. Lauer struck back: Once she returned home, Vieira opened up her purse to see a pair of bright white boxer briefs. But she’s sure they’re not his. “Normally he wears a thong,” she told Leno. “I can see the little panty line!” We can only imagine how Lauer will retaliate for the airing out his dirty laundry.

Matt Lauer Gave Meredith Vieira His Briefs