Mitt Romney and Ron Paul Are Pals

AMES, IA - AUGUST 11: Republican presidential candidates former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas talk during a commercial break at the Iowa GOP/Fox News Debate on August 11, 2011 at the CY Stephens Auditorium in Ames, Iowa. This is the first Republican presidential debate in the state ahead of Saturday's all important Iowa Straw Poll. (Charlie Neibergall-Pool/Getty Images)
Sparking. Photo: Pool/2011 Getty Images

Or, perhaps more accurately, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul do not appear to hate each other. The Times asked Ron Paul to explain, on the record, who in the rest of the Republican field is in his burn book, and who is cool. He came up with this ringing endorsement of Romney.


I talk to Romney more than the rest on a friendly basis,” Mr. Paul said. “I throw Romney’s name out because he’s made a bigger attempt to do it. The others are sort of just real flat.”

You have to really know Romney to see his sparkle, his fizz. It’s heady stuff, apparently, that can make you forget everything that lead up to the moment you’re talking to him.

You hang up first! No, you! Youuuuuu!

Mitt Romney and Ron Paul Are Pals