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NYPD Investigating Cops Seen Beating a Man in Video

Four NYPD officers from the 42nd Precint in the Bronx have been stripped of their badges and guns, and placed on modified duty while the department investigates a pretty damning new video, reportedly shot late last week. In the recording, the cops can be seen dragging down a 19-year-old suspect, Jateik Reid, while kicking and hitting him with batons after allegedly seeing him drop a baggie of crack.

Reed, who was charged with drug possession, menacing, harassment, and assaulting a police officer, “has staples in his head, he has staples in his arm, his eyes were black, his whole entire back is black, blue, purple,” according to his mother.

Video of the beating lasts about twenty seconds as onlookers yell “Chill!” and quip, “That’s a lawsuit.” A fifth officer then rushes the videographer with pepper spray raised, commanding him to “move back.”

NYPD Investigating Cops Seen Beating Man