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Obama Gay Marriage Evolution Watch: Day 468

This afternoon, shortly after Prop 8 was struck down by a federal appeals court, White House press secretary Jay Carney was asked, for about the 1000th time, whether President Obama has made any headway yet in his phony, ongoing “evolution” on gay marriage, which was first publicly announced 468 days ago. And … no:

Carney said that the president’s personal stance on same-sex marriage hadn’t changed, but he added “that divisive and discriminatory efforts to deny rights to same-sex couples is something this president has long opposed.”

Is it divisive to deny gay people the same marriage rights as straight people? Yes. Is it discriminatory? Yes. Does Obama support gay marriage? Still no. Obama’s contradictory, utterly unconvincing “evolution” continues.

Editor’s Note: This post originally used a variation on an iconic illustration of the evolution of man, known as the ‘March of Progress’, which concluded with an image of President Obama holding a rainbow flag. The illustration was intended simply as a symbolic representation of the President’s self-described “evolution” on gay rights, but has been criticized for its similarity to various racist depictions of the President and African-Americans in general. While that was not the context of the image (in fact, Daily Intel has criticized such representations before), we recognize that images of this nature do carry troubling associations, and so it’s been removed from the post. We apologize for the offense it has caused.