Officer Shot in Head Lives As Ray Kelly Displays Bloody Bullet

The NYPD officer shot in the head by a murder suspect last night in Brooklyn is expected to live, NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly and Mayor Bloomberg said last night at a press conference. “This was a miracle,” said Kelly at Bellevue Hospital, displaying a medical container that held the bullet removed from the officer’s skull. “He’s one lucky young man.” Kevin Brennan was shot in Bushwick while pursuing Luis “Baby” Ortiz, who allegedly turned and fired at the cops, hitting Brennan behind his right ear.

Brennan was rushed to the hospital as hundreds of officers swarmed the Brooklyn housing projects and surrounding neighborhood in a manhunt for Ortiz. The suspect was found a few hours later in his uncle’s apartment, and a revolver was discovered on the ground outside.

The officer, meanwhile, underwent surgery and is expected to heal. “He understood he was hit and he said he was in a lot of pain, but we joked about his daughter,” said Bloomberg of Brennan’s 6-week-old child, Maeve. “God in this case was kind. It could have turned out an awful lot worse.” The mayor added, “There’s no reason to think her daddy won’t see her crawl for the first time or dance at her wedding.”

Officer Shot in Head Lives