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The Bests, Worsts, and Mosts of This Year’s Super Bowl Commercials

Waiting until the actual Super Bowl to watch Super Bowl ads was something that ancient peoples did all the way back in the aughts. In modern times, these hilariously expensive TV commercials are released online days or even weeks in advance of their television debuts. It’s a win-win for everyone: Major brands get to stir up some of that viral Internet buzz before the big game, and millions of Americans, having already watched many of the ads, can do more productive things during the commercial breaks, such as: using the bathroom, getting more beer, surreptitiously eating that one last slice of pizza that everyone else has been too polite to claim, changing into a more forgiving pair of pants, etc. So do yourself a favor and check out this video slideshow of the best and worst of the currently viewable Super Bowl ads. 

The Best and Worst of This Year’s Super Bowl Ads