Andrew Breitbart Lambasts MSNBC in Unaired Interview for Prepping the Race Card

A month before he mysteriously passed away, Andrew Breitbart sat for an interview with the Hollywood Reporter in which he left no liberal news organization unscathed. He preyed most gleefully on MSNBC, particularly its decision last fall to give the Reverend Al Sharpton his own politics show. It was a bald-faced attempt by the network to beef up its regular slate of “lily white” anchors, Breitbart claimed, before it launched an all-out attack on the tea party as a bunch of Obama-hating racists.

They needed to have professional race arsonists to hear dog whistles where no one else would hear them in order to put Republicans and conservatives, again, on the defensive over race and again create the driving narrative that the only rational reason that somebody could disagree with a progressive, liberal, leftist, community-organizing president is simply because he’s black. It’s absurd, but MSNBC understands the value.

Also, just for good measure, Breitbart attacked the left’s “critical theory, politically correct, cultural Marxist, oppressor-oppressed,” and we’re sure he meant to add wholly un-American, mind-set.

Andrew Breitbart Lambasts MSNBC in Unaired Interview