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The Bisexual Married Woman Actively Flirting With Two Male Co-Workers

Once a week, Daily Intel takes a peek behind doors left slightly ajar. This week, The Bisexual Married Woman Actively Flirting With Two Male Co-Workers. Female, 29, Upper West Side, administrative receptionist, “ambiguous” orientation, married.


7:45 a.m. I am out the door to get to the office. My black push-up bra makes my breasts look even perkier in my dress. I feel incredibly sexy and I haven’t even had my coffee yet.

Noon I see my favorite work crush (I’ll call him WC1 for Work Crush No. 1) walking down the hall. We talk online and when he is near my desk, both quite often. When I see him I always flash a smile. He asks me if I had a good weekend and I return the question. Fuck, he looks so sexy with his facial hair. I think it’s a healthy thing to have a crush. I mean, I’m married, not dead.

4 p.m. WC1 & I follow some of the same people on Twitter and start to discuss their humorous tweets on Gchat. I swear, how did the world function before Gchat? I love talking online because he can’t see how hot I get when I talk to him. Truth is, I think about having sex with WC1 all the time. It’s starting to mess with my head a bit, but I cannot resist.

6 p.m. Time for Vinyasa yoga. There really are no hot people in my yoga class, which is probably a good thing as I can’t handle too many people messing with my mind. I sweat like crazy in class and it feels so good to “let go.” I love feeling the sweat slowly drip down my neck and back.

11 p.m. My husband sweetly tucks me in bed with a kiss and hug, as he is more of a night owl. I tell him I really want to have sex tomorrow. We’re both too exhausted tonight.


9 a.m. Work Crush 2 (WC2) comes to my desk to give me some mail that needs to be sent out. He is such a kitten. I love catching him staring at my breasts. He’s one of those guys who you know goes home and jerks off while thinking about you. It’s the hottest feeling. I remind myself to think about him next time I masturbate. I start to imagine a three-way with him & WC1. I daydream of giving WC1 the most incredible deep throat action while WC2 does me from behind nice. He grabs my hips and bangs the hell out of me. All of a sudden I get a phone call from my boss and reality is immediately snapped back. Oh well, at least I’m still wet.

3 p.m. I chat up WC1 and IM him a funny article. I haven’t seen him today. Bummer.

6 p.m. Time for my two-hour back-to-back classes at the gym. When I’m the most tired during class I get motivated by picturing myself in the nude. Everyone wants to look sexy naked.

8:45 p.m. I tell my therapist about loving the fact that men go home and think about me when they masturbate. We discuss power, manipulation and the fact that I love my husband but feel guilty that I think about WC1 more than I probably should.

11 p.m. My husband and I are in bed, making love. I love when he is on top. It makes me feel safe and beautiful. My mind drifts and I imagine WC1 making love to me. I imagine saying his name, begging for more. I want to know what his kiss feels like. Husband knows exactly how to make me come. He pushes my legs all the way back over my head and pounds right inside. I start yelling at him to do me harder. He slaps my butt as he goes deeper inside and hits my g-spot. As I start to imagine WC1 banging me instead, I come so hard, all over Husband’s penis. He comes a moment later and we gently kiss for a few minutes. I tell myself to never stop yoga. I have never been so flexible in my life.


11:30 a.m. At work and e-mailing a group of friends about dinner plans for this week. I’m really excited because this hot woman, M., will be there. I met her at a Christmas party last year and we’ve all been trying to get together. I’m pretty sure she’s gay, but she’s not out. I like her because she has this “leather-wearing butch” quality about her but she still wears mascara and lipstick. I bet she would give amazing head. I get wet just thinking about it.

3 p.m. WC1 IMs me a funny article. I love his humor. He makes me smile. Jesus Christ, I’m such a 12-year-old sometimes.

6 p.m. Finally home. Husband won’t be back for a while and I start thinking about how cute WC1 looked in his blazer today. I open up my browser to YouPorn and search for gangbangs. Those always get me off when I need the job done. I love how the men dominate. I imagine WC1 tying my wrists and ankles to his bed. He kisses my mouth and is the best kisser ever. I love how he really uses his lips. He bites my nipple hard and I yell. He says I have to take it and like it. It drives me crazy that I can’t use my hands. He goes down on me and asks if I’m a good or bad girl. I tell him I’m always good. As I keep thinking about him I touch myself until I climax all over. I come for almost a minute.


7 a.m. I put on a new dress for work that’s form-fitting, especially accenting my butt. I spray perfume on my breasts and wrists. It makes me feel extra sexy and I wonder if WC1 would like the scent.

Noon I get bored at work at start to type out an erotica story about WC1. I love having my own cubicle because no one can see what I’m doing on the computer. I make myself giggle with my ideas. My boss walks by and I shine a smile. Ha, if she only knew!

3 p.m. More downtime at work today. Why the hell does everyone seem to be on vacation?  Back to the erotica writing. Damn, I’m good at this! Why didn’t I become a novelist? I could be a millionaire. I remind myself that my music degrees will serve me a purpose one day.


8:30 a.m. I take the elevator up with WC2 and I give him “sex eyes” with my morning greeting. I love making men hard before nine in the morning.

Noon Farmer’s market salad from the place next door. I need to venture out and stop being so lazy.

5 p.m. I have to send out a company-wide e-mail. I finally finish my erotica story. After I finish I press “Ctrl-C” to copy in my e-mail. I send the company e-mail and almost piss myself because I have this sickening feeling I sent all 300+ people I work with a sex story about WC1. After ten minutes of panicking and quadruple checking I realize that I was just being paranoid. Phew!

6 p.m. I grab a drink with a girlfriend beforehand as I have time to kill before the group dinner. I talk about the e-mail drama and we both laugh. I also talk about WC2 because he’s harmless. My therapist is the only one who knows about WC1. My feelings for him have blossomed into something that I wish I could erase but my heart won’t let me.

9 p.m. Dinner time with Husband and friends. Husband’s butt looks cute in those jeans. I kiss M. on the cheek and say that we must sit next to each other and catch up. I touch her arm playfully while hearing about her stories and gossip. She has a slinky gray tank on and I see her black bra. I love that her breasts are small. Small ones are so nice to kiss and touch.

1 a.m. Husband and I are both horny after dinner. We run into the bedroom and strip down. He gets behind me and we go at it like animals. He tells me how sexy I looked while flirting with M. He tells me to imagine her in the bedroom with us, licking me while he does me from behind. I love how Husband is so in tune with my fantasies.  We eventually come simultaneously. I love when that happens. I fall asleep in his arms.


10:15 a.m. Time for kickboxing! I let go of all my inhibitions in class. I sweat profusely and it feels awesome.

2 p.m. Manicure/pedicure time. I think of WC1 while reading the news on my phone. I wonder if he is having a good weekend and if he is thinking about me.

3 p.m. Husband suggests sushi for dinner. Yes! I love date night. It’s our time to really catch up.

10 p.m. We come home and I sit husband down at his desk chair. He wore the same jeans from last night and they still look great. I bend and kiss him. He folds his hands into my hair and softly whispers for me to suck him. I inhale deeply and follow his instructions. He tugs my hair and whisper how good it feels.  I gently grab his balls and open my throat as deep as I can. He starts breathing heavier and faster and begs for me to keep going. I do until he comes.


10:30 a.m. Husband and I go to our neighborhood diner for breakfast. Woohoo for French toast.

4:30 p.m. Time to spin at gym. I spent way too much time thinking about WC1 while shopping downtown. I need to get him out of my head!

7 p.m. Husband and I catch up on our shows that we record during the week while eating dinner and drinking some red wine.

11 p.m. Husband tucks me in and I fall asleep thinking about how I get to see WC1 tomorrow.

TOTALS: Two acts of intercourse; one act of fellatio; one act of masturbation; one sex daydream; one fantasy-inspired perfume application.

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The Bisexual Married Woman Actively Flirting With Two Male Co-Workers