Don’t Ask Sandra Lee Too Many Questions About Her Boyfriend

NEW YORK - MAY 22: New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo stands on stage in the park with his girlfriend, Food Network host Sandra Lee, following his announcement to supporters that he is officially running for the Governor of New York outside the Tweed Courthouse on May 22, 2010 in New York City. For eleven years Cuomo's father, Mario, was the fifty-second Governor of the state. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
You asked me WHAT? Photo: Spencer Platt/2010 Getty Images

Andrew Cuomo’s ladyfriend, Sandra Lee, might just be sick of answering questions about being Andrew Cuomo’s ladyfriend. She’s interviewed by Andrew Goldman in this weekend’s New York Times Magazine, and after enduring a line of questioning that begins “When you first saw your boyfriend, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, you described him as a “huge, musclebound man” and progresses from there to questions about when/ if the couple is going to tie the knot, Lee gets a little irked:


For the record, this came after Goldman repeated that Anthony Bourdain had called one of her semi-homemade creations a “crime against humanity,” to which she responded quite gracefully. After all, it was her crime against humanity, not her boyfriend’s.

Don’t Ask Sandra Lee Too Many Questions About Her Boyfriend