Employers Want to Borrow Your Facebook Password

Business woman in times of the economic crisis.

It has long been a struggle for America’s wannabe workforce to keep its kegstand photos on Facebook to a minimum, or at least private, but that may no longer be enough. The Associated Press reports today that because so many people have smartened up and now keep their profiles well-hidden, certain employers are just straight up asking for peoples’ usernames and passwords during interviews, or at least requiring them to “friend” background investigators:

When asked what sort of material would jeopardize job prospects, Thomas said “it depends on the situation” but could include “inappropriate pictures or relationships with people who are underage, illegal behavior.”

… “In the past, we’ve talked to friends and neighbors, but a lot of times we found that applicants interact more through social media sites than they do with real friends,” said Capt. Mike Harvey. “Their virtual friends will know more about them than a person living 30 yards away from them.”

Harvey said investigators look for any “derogatory” behavior that could damage the agency’s reputation.

In other words, yes, it’s time to stop “poking” people. That can’t look good. 

Employers Want to Borrow Your Facebook Password