Fox News Announces That Obama Has ‘Finally’ Decided to Go to Church

Fox Nation ran a photo from July with this story, because it is a quality news site. Photo: Fox News

Fox Nation, a section on the website of fair-and-balanced, totally not-agenda-having news organization Fox News, seems to exist solely for the purpose of appending absurdly biased headlines to stories about President Obama. Remember “Obama’s Hip-Hop BBQ Didn’t Create Jobs“? That was a classic. Well today Fox Nation informs us that the Obamas “finally” went to church on Sunday, as if they’d been holding out for as long as possible — perhaps unsurprisingly, for secret Muslims.

The truth is that, like many of his predecessors, President Obama doesn’t attend church very frequently. For one thing, he’s a busy guy, and for another, the necessary security measures inconvenience other churchgoers. And furthermore, one must also consider who the hell cares? Going to church doesn’t make you a better Christian or a better person, it just makes you someone who goes to church.

But, for what it’s worth, Fox Nation should know that Obama’s last church appearance was only about three months ago, on January 15. Its headline that day was “Obama Worships at Pro-Occupy Church.

Fox News Says Obama ‘Finally’ Goes to Church