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Fugitive Murderer–Hijacker–Male Model Won’t Be Extradited to New Jersey

George Wright was on the lam for 41 years after escaping a New Jersey prison (where he was serving time for murder), stealing the warden’s car, then working as a model in Detroit before hijacking a plane to Miami and demanding a $1 million ransom while “dressed as a priest, with a gun hidden in the cut-out pages of a Bible.” The FBI finally found him in Portugal last September, but his lawyer said yesterday that Wright will not be extradited because the U.S. missed a deadline last week and has “exhausted every appeal here in the Portuguese system.” A judge said, “The case is now closed,” while Wright’s lawyer announced the obvious: “He is thinking of writing a book or making a film.” Screw it — throw in a video game, too.

Murderer–Hijacker–Male Model Won’t Be Extradited