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Herman Cain Did Not Actually Shoot Any Bunnies

Herman Cain.
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

On Monday, Herman Cain gifted the world with another brilliant piece of video art: a pair of allegorical web ads for his new PAC, Cain Solutions, in which a (possible ghost) child aids in the deaths of a bunny (“small business”) and a goldfish (“the economy”) via slingshot/shotgun and water deprivation, respectively. Cain is standing by his “provocative” methods, but he wants everyone to know that no bunnies were actually harmed during filming: “The rabbit that we shot was a toy, stuffed rabbit. It was not a real rabbit,” he explained. “The liberals are trying to paint it like I’m killing animals.”

However, he added, it would have been perfectly within his rights to do so. “Did you know that in some parts of this country, it is legal to hunt rabbits for dinner?” Cain asked some lucky reporters. “So what’s so outrageous about shooting a toy bunny rabbit out of the air?” Nothing, Herman! Nothing at all. Please, keep up the good work. 

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Herman Cain Did Not Actually Shoot Any Bunnies