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Martha Stewart Is Live-Tweeting Her Dentist Appointment

Twitter expert Martha Stewart is making the best of what might seem like an awful afternoon by including many exclamation marks in every dispatch from her dentist’s office. She started the day at the gym with her dogs, which sounds wonderful, but soon it was time to see Dr. Lowenberg. Apparently he made a “perfect bridge for the upper left portion of my jaw-result of a broken tooth! Great!” Gross? Lest her fans worry about how it was going, the updates continue: “The bridge fits. Hooray!” she wrote. (Who is taking these photos?!) “The best dentists anywhere!”

And now for the bleaching. Wh( [sic] price beauty!” Stewart added, complete with the terrifying teeth photo above. Somehow the oversharing, and even the disgusting images, read as likable. Just look at that face and try not to be charmed!

Martha Stewart Is Live-Tweeting a Dentist Visit