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Matthew Broderick’s Family Largely Ignoring His New Mustache

Matthew Broderick.
“I’m not sure about it.” Photo: Jimi Celeste/

Part of Matthew Broderick’s preparation for the role of a wealthy playboy in the musical Nice Work If You Can Get It includes testing out different types of facial hair. That’s how the actor explained his rather sparse mustache at Monday’s Roundabout Theatre spring gala. “It’s being considered for the play. We’re thinking about it, no decision has been made,” he told us. “It’s getting more noticeable because I shaved around it today.”

And how has Broderick’s family reacted to his scruff? Mostly, they haven’t. “My son likes it,” Broderick said. “My daughters have said nothing, and my wife has not commented on it.” His own opinion?: “I don’t know; I’m not sure about it.”

Broderick’s Family Largely Ignoring New Mustache