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Mitt Romney Has ‘Worn a Garbage Bag for Rain Gear,’ or, Why Mitt Can’t Win

Maybe just don’t talk about yourself anymore.

Mitt Romney can’t win. We’re not saying it’s fair. But that’s the way it is. If he says something that in any way alludes to his vast wealth (e.g., his wife has two Cadillacs), he gets mocked for that, because, come on, nobody wants to hear about how rich you are. But if he tries to relate to the everyman by providing true examples of just-a-normal-guy things he’s done, it comes off as forced and inauthentic, because, again, we all know how ridiculously rich he is. Last night, for example, Romney, in defense of his recent poncho remark, told Bill O’Reilly, “Look, I have worn a garbage bag for rain gear myself.” Forced and inauthentic-seeming, right? And hilarious? Yes, yes. Is that unfair? Yes. Yeses all around.

Mitt Romney Has Worn a Garbage Bag