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Sorry, Ladies, Naked Yoga in Brooklyn Is for Guys Only

Let us all be extremely open-minded for a moment as we consider the NSFW website for Naked Space, a yoga studio pointed out today (crudely) by our favorite inappropriately named Park Slope blog. At the South Slope safe space, naked classes are taught “specifically to men” and the rules are pretty strict: “all participants are expected to remove all of their clothes, even their socks. Accessories too: watches, loose jewelry and large rings will interfere with Naked Space activities. It’s recommended that eye glasses also be removed, but for some this may be too disorienting.” This, among other things.

The practice, we’re told, “fosters commonality and community, which can lead to a deeply supportive experience for everyone involved.” And, yes, the FAQ covers what everyone is wondering:

What if I get an erection? Congratulate yourself for having a healthy reproductive system. Seriously, erections are natural. Some guys will get them, some won’t; either way, it’s not a problem. What you choose to do with your erection is another matter. Be responsible for your actions and aware of the other people sharing the space.

Confident, conscientious, and pretty cheap, at $20 per session! You first.

Naked Yoga in Brooklyn Is for Guys Only