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Obama Still Muslim, Report Southern Republicans

WHEAT RIDGE, CO - NOVEMBER 21: A detail of a billboard lampooning President Barack Obama as a Mulsim stands over a used car lot on November 21, 2009 in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Dealership owner Phil Wolf paid $2,500 to have the sign painted, and it has sparked controversy since it was put up the day before. Wolf, 57, said the dealership received more than a thousand calls from throughout the U.S. and Canada in a single day, both in support and against the sign.
Photo: John Moore/2009 Getty Images

It has been a while since the question of President Obama’s religion – his true religion, maybe the religion he or his “church” don’t want you to know about – has been on the national agenda. And the upcoming Alabama and Mississippi primaries are an opportune time to raise it, since Republicans from Alabama and Mississippi are a discerning bunch and especially apt to see through the president’s tissue of lies.

PPP asks Republicans in Alabama, “Do you think Barack Obama is a Christian or a Muslim, or are you not sure?” Guess how many say Christian? 14%! Among the remaining 86%, “Muslim” slightly leads “not sure,” 45%-41%. (“Not sure” may by the demographic Rick Santorum is reaching out to when he accuses Obama of peddling a “phony theology.”)

But the Alabama Republicans are a thoroughly trusting lot in comparison with their Mississippi brethren. Among Mississippi Republicans, just 12% say Christian, 52% say Muslim, and 36% aren’t sure.

The poll also finds that two-thirds of the Republicans in both states do not believe in evolution. Two-thirds of Alabama Republicans also believe interracial marriage ought to be legal, compared with 54% of Mississippi Republicans. Progress!

Obama Still Muslim, Report Southern Republicans