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Orthodox Jewish Teenagers Drinking Like Teenagers

Being a teen mostly consists of attempting to do as many bad things as you can for as little money as possible. (See also: Being an adult in New York City.) It’s an added bonus if you can piss off your parents. So local Orthodox troublemakers are basically killing it, as reported by Brooklyn Daily:


It’s known as “shul-hopping:” boys in their early teens spend their Friday nights going from temple to temple attending Shalom Zocher parties — where men come together to celebrate a newborn boy’s birth — and get drunk on free booze.

But these teens aren’t just sipping wine: some of them have gotten so drunk at these parties that they’ve been rushed to the hospital — prompting a handful of Midwood synagogues to change their party policies when teenagers are involved.

Expect them to develop a sudden interest in Chelsea art galleries at any moment.

Orthodox Teenagers Drinking Like Teenagers