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Romney Supporters Begging for Proof That He Is Human

Photo: charles taylor

Mitt Romney’s supporters, desperate for evidence that he is not, in fact, a robot, have taken to addressing the issue directly at town-hall meetings and campaign rallies. At a recent gathering in Ohio, a voter stood up to tell the candidate, “I’d like you to share with all the American citizens that are watching right now … to show the American people that you have a lot of heart.” (They really don’t know, do they?) These people apparently want Romney to be freer with personal details and life stories, preferably ones unlike Wednesday’s humorous tale about how his father laid off a bunch of auto workers: 

I wish that you would speak more to a lot of the things that I think you should speak about — the fact that you were pastor at your church, the fact that you were a missionary, the fact that you do speak about helping with the Olympics,” Mary Toepfer, 40, of Warren, Ohio, said at a recent event.

Without these kinds of stories, she added, “it’s hard for us, who are trying to support you, to address them when trying to explain to them why you would be the better candidate.”

Of course, it’s hard for Romney to address touching facts like those. After all, his religious beliefs seem to have a somewhat alienating effect, and drawing attention to his charitable giving reminds people of how rich he is. If only his attempts to display interest in neutral human topics, like food or nature or lamps, could be more convincing! Perhaps it’s time for a software update? 

Romney Supporters Begging for Proof That He Is Human