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‘Snow Globe’ of Cash Scooped Up on Maryland Highway

Photo: istockphoto

About forty people got out of their cars along Interstate 270 in Maryland and helped themselves to $5,795 in cash that fell out of an unsecured armored truck. It was kind of like that one scene in The Town, eyewitnesses report.

The bills fell out of the truck in two bags that broke as they hit the road. Police are offering amnesty to anyone who returns the cash, but only $100 has been handed over so far. Heather Kelly described the scene on 270 to the AP: “It was in the traffic lanes and on the shoulders and just generally kind of like a snow globe of cash.”

In other Maryland motorist news, police pulled over a man dressed in a Batman costume driving a black Lamborghini in the middle of the day. Perhaps Marylanders are preparing themselves for the oncoming circus of the Republican primary on April 3rd.

‘Snow Globe’ of Cash Scooped Up in Maryland