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George Soros Part of Bid to Save American Apparel

A Hungarian-American financier George Soros looks on during a session entitled

Billionaire George Soros is famous for being the money-man behind a number of liberal organizations — and now, he might also be the money-man behind the T-shirts worn by the kids who sign up for those organizations’ mailing lists. The Post reports that Soros’s hedge fund is backing a firm that hopes to extend an $80 million line of credit to the troubled retailer. It sounds as if Soros isn’t exactly intimately involved, but the paper also helpfully points out that Soros has a little something in common with American Apparel’s founder Dov Charney: Both have “lately been entangled in lawsuits with young, beautiful women.” (Charney was accused of sexual assault and additional tales of his general creepiness are rampant; Soros, meanwhile, has been sued by his ex for supposedly reneging on a real estate promise.) The new bid follows a failed one by Ron Burkle. Fascinating to note which billionaires remain enamored of a business model based on skintight minidresses.

Soros Part of Bid to Save American Apparel