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Man Hit By L Train in Williamsburg Last Night Dies of Injuries

(Brooke Williams/KRRB blog)

Just after 10 p.m. last night, a train-full of subway passengers came streaming out of the Bedford Ave. L stop, some choking back tears as others dialed 9-1-1. As the police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks converged on the area it became clear that a man had been struck by a Manhattan-bound L train. Later in the evening, Intel Noreen, who’d been on that very train, mentioned feeling a noticeable bump. It’s since come out that a 20-year-old Queens man, Joshua Basin, fell onto the tracks, after brawling with what police say is a “white male in his early 30s,” and was caught between the train and the platform.

The Post puts us at the scene:

As the train pulled into the station a man wearing a black fleece said, “It’s showtime” and then punched Basin in the face as the doors opened, a witness said.

By the time that train had left the station the two men, still fighting, ended up on the tracks. Basin’s presumed assailant was able to scramble back on the platform just as another train arrived, and fled the scene. Basin was taken to Bellevue Hospital where he was listed as in critical condition last night, but soon after died of his injuries. Police are still looking for the man in the black fleece.

Man Hit By L Train in Williamsburg Last Night Dies of Injuries