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Ann Romney Swears Mitt Romney Is a Human Person

One of Mitt Romney’s main stumbling blocks to the White House is that most voters, studies have shown, prefer their presidents to be human beings. And Romney, all too often, seems more like the by-product of a drunken three-way between a mannequin and a robot and an alien: stiff, unemotional, and unfamiliar with human customs and practices.

Which is why you have been hearing, and will continue to hear, more and more from Ann Romney, one of the only people who can convincingly attest to Romney’s more endearing qualities. In this new video released by the Romney campaign, Ann describes Mitt as her so-called sixth son, someone who, when her actual sons were growing up, could be “as mischievous and as naughty as the other boys,” and prone to human activities such as “wrestling and throwing balls.”