AP Scoured the Internet for Dog Owners

Photo: Handout

It’s too bad Pulitzers were awarded earlier in the week. Yesterday evening, the Associated Press took crowdsourcing to its lazy extreme, putting an urgent plea out online rather than brave the mean streets: “Are you a dog owner? AP would like to talk to you for an article,” said the message to the wire’s more than 900,000 Twitter followers, along with the e-mail address and phone number for a reporter. The response turned out to be overwhelming.

The web’s chattering class immediately pounced on the simple — perhaps too simple — request. “Good luck finding one of those people” was the general consensus. The Internet’s go-to absurdist “Hello. Yes, This is Dog” photo even got a topical update. And then, just like that, the original tweet was gone. “Reporter was inundated with emails and calls,” said the AP.

We did it, everyone. Journalism.

AP Scoured the Internet for Dog Owners