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The Assads Hand Out Food to Syrians for the Camera

Recently, it came to the attention of Bashar Al-Assad that many people in Damascus and Homs have been having a rough time lately, thanks to forceful military occupations and constant bombing. Which he ordered, in between ordering Harry Potter apps for his phone. Confronted with angry, condemnatory international news reports about it, Assad decided to do something to help those poor people! Like say, stop dropping those bombs and withdraw those troops, per the U.N’s strongly-worded request? No, no, nothing like that.

Instead, Assad and his wife Asma decided to pack up food packages for those in need (did we mention it’s because of all the Assad-ordered brutality?), dressed unglamorously and with the cameras rolling. It’s nice when dictators give back to the people, isn’t it? Who knows what inventive use Genghis Khan might have made of YouTube!

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Assads Hand Out Food to Syrians for the Camera