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Lots of Bunnies Have to Die So That We Can Fly in Airplanes

group of two baby light brown rabbits with long ears isolated on white
Sorry! Photo: Dmitry Kalinovsky/iStockphoto

The danger that geese pose to planes in the New York area is obvious, direct, and seared in our collective memory thanks to the Miracle on the Hudson. Consequently, most of us accept as a necessary evil the goose genocide that has taken place at our local airports in recent years. But the Post informs us today that in addition to thousands of birds, 99 bunnies were also shot and killed at JFK last year, because they can attract birds of prey. That’s a harder pill to swallow. Next they’ll tell us that a couple dozen unicorns had to be slaughtered because birds enjoy basking in the warm, magical glow that radiates from their beautiful rainbow horns.

Bunnies Have to Die So That We Can Fly in Planes