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How the 1912 Titanic Disaster Shaped the 2013 Mayoral Race

Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn attends the Gore Vidal's
Happy to exist. Photo: Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Christine Quinn’s grandmother survived the Titanic disaster at the age of 16, or 18, or 19, or 45, or whatever, the Times informs us today. (Also, because she was in such a “terrible state” when she arrived in America, her brother strapped her to a chair and left her in his apartment. Welcome to New York.) Had she died, like so many of her fellow poor, Irish, steerage-class travelers,  New York’s upcoming mayoral race would be drastically different. Mayor Bloomberg would be like, “Well I was going to endorse Christine Quinn, but she doesn’t exist,” and people would think he was insane. 

Christine Quinn’s Grandmother: Titanic Survivor