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Colony of Homeless Feral Cats in Greenpoint in Danger of Becoming Even More Homeless, Feral

A feral Greenpoint cat. Photo: DNAinfo/Meredith Hoffman

A “colony” of feral cats that live in boxes in a vacant lot on Greenpoint’s India Street, and are fed each morning and night by two Good Sameowitans (kill me), are in danger of losing whatever semblance of a home they currently enjoy. As DNAinfo reports, the cats “may be forced to relocate to make room for a trio of high-rise apartment buildings,” but where they’ll go, nobody knows. Even if there was someplace to put them all (Donald Trump’s hair cocoon?), it probably wouldn’t work out, because cats have to have an attitude about everything:

Relocating the riverside cluster is an almost impossible feat, experts said.

The animals would have to be kept in a giant pen at their new spot for three weeks in hopes of getting them to adjust to the new environment, according to Mike Phillips, Community Outreach Coordinator for the NYC Feral Cat Initiative of the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals.

Once released, there would still be a danger that the cats might try to return to their old home, Phillips said.

We never know what a cat is thinking — they might come out of the pen and say ‘I hate this place,’” Phillips said.

Hey, guess what? You’re a feral cat, not the Prince of Monaco. Just deal with it.

Colony of Feral Greenpoint Cats in Danger