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John Heilemann on Morning Joe: Is Mitt Romney a Flip-flopping Phony?

John Heilemann joined the Morning Joe panel today to discuss Mitt Romney’s primary victories and to note some election déjà vu, with the current campaign resembling the 2004 race between President Bush and John Kerry. “This race looks a lot like 2004, where you have an incumbent who is trying to turn this into a ‘choice’ election … the Romney campaign wants to make it [a referendum election],” Heilemann said. “The Obama campaign has shifted away from the consistent argument that they’ve made over the course of the last year about Mitt Romney, which is that he’s a flip-flopping phony … to the argument that he’s a right-wing nut. You can’t have it both ways.” And only one description also makes for a fun tongue twister.

Heilemann: Is Romney a Flip-flopping Phony?