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John Heilemann on Hardball: Trying to Build a ‘Fair Budget’

New York’s John Heilemann joined the Hardball panel tonight to discuss the Buffett Rule, Obama’s tax plan that targets very high earners, compared to Paul Ryan’s GOP budget plan, which the President called “thinly veiled social Darwinism” last week, and has been criticized for cuts that disproportionately hurt the poor. “The premise used to be that the system was fair — if you worked hard and played by the rules you could get yourself rich — what the Democrats are now arguing is the deck is stacked against you and they are playing to the notion that we need to make the system more fair,” Heilemann said. “The big flaw both politically and substantively in [the Ryan] plan is that it doesn’t call on the people who are best off in our society to make sacrifices in order to better the whole of the society.” See more in the video clip.

Heilemann on Hardball: Building a ‘Fair Budget’