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Mitt Romney’s Trump Fund-raiser Had a Few Elaborate Protesters

Photo: TJ Kosinski

A little more than a dozen protesters, just as many journalists, and two police officers lingered in front of Trump Tower this afternoon with the important people safely inside. Those stuck outside awaited the Tax Dodgers, a United NY protest troupe heading down 5th Avenue to demonstrate at Ann Romney’s birthday luncheon, hosted by the Trumps and set to rake in more than $600,000 for the Romney campaign. When the faux-baseball team finally arrived, along with their cheerleaders and mascot, they attempted to educate those present on tax-dodging corporations like Bank of America and G.E.— with song.

A Tax Dodgers protest is more street performance than occupation, though the passive crowd did not initially seem entertained. The costumed protesters posed for press photos, and team manager “Allec Cash” gave an impassioned speech as the other performers remained tableau vivant: “Remember: You pay taxes, so we don’t have to!” he said.

After the tongue-in-cheek oration, the team, protesters, and a few musicians joined in multiple renditions of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game,” albeit with repurposed lyrics: “Take me out to the tax game, bail me out with the banks!” The chorus died down after the second or third go-around, and Ann Romney’s lunching ladies weren’t bothered — as they exited, police barely had to subdue the crowd in order to make sure the sidewalks stayed clear.

Protesters Attended Romney’s Trump Fund-raiser