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NYC Deputy Comptroller Simcha Felder to Run for State Senate

ALBANY, NY - JUNE 16: The New York State Senate debates legislation in the Senate chamber on June 16, 2011 in Albany, New York. The Senate is expected to vote on a bill that would legalize gay marriage as soon as tomorrow. (Photo by Matthew Cavanaugh/Getty Images) Photo: Matthew Cavanaugh/2011 Getty Images

Despite a recent raise from scandal-challenged city comptroller John Liu, who’s still aspiring to become the next mayor of New York, Deputy Comptroller Simcha Felder told the Jewish newspaper Hamodia on Wednesday that he will be running for State Senate in the new “Super Jewish” district in Brooklyn. The district, which comprises Boro Park and Flatbush, is approximately two-thirds Jewish. “I look forward, God willing, to the opportunity to once again serve the community and the people of New York State,” Felder told Hamodia. Felder is the first to announce a bid for the district and would stay onboard with Liu until getting sworn in on January 1, if he’s elected. Mazel Tov!

NYC Deputy Comptroller Simcha Felder Leaving