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You Are Cordially Invited to a ‘Ragematch’ at the New York Athletic Club, Suit Jacket Mandatory

Ready to rage. Photo: Men’s Wearhouse

Location: 180 Central Park South; more specifically in the New York Athletic Club pub, the Tap Room.

Date: Two Thursday ago, around midnight.

Dress Code: Jackets mandatory until Friday at 5 p.m., when they become merely optional for the weekend. (All five brawlers were in full compliance, reports the Times. In full suits, in fact)

Occasion for Fight: “Over a woman,” Sergeant Kenneth Monahan told the Times.

Caliber of Fight: A “nondiscriminatory ragematch” and “the best fight I’ve ever seen,” said one bystander quoted on WallStreetJackass, a blog that covers this kind of thing.

‘Ragematch’ at New York Athletic Club