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Kelly Ripa Won’t Let David Arquette Try Out for Live!

David Arquette==Capitol File's White House Correspondents Dinner After Party==Newseum, Washington, DC==April 28, 2012==?Patrick McMullan==Photo - Nicholas Hunt/
Photo: Nicholas Hunt/

Pat Kiernan, who this morning began his second guest-hosting stint on Live! With Kelly, isn’t the only celebrity openly campaigning for the gig. At a Google/Hollywood Reporter party this weekend in D.C.’s W Hotel, David Arquette told New York that he, too, wanted a tryout, but didn’t exactly get the same love as Kiernan. “I have asked. But she’s giving me a very cold shoulder,” he said. “I’ve given up on a shot. I’m bummed, but I’m fine.” Arquette doesn’t have a news-hosting background, so how would he sell himself for the job, we wondered? “My pitch would be, people love me and I love people! That’s what I think Regis had.”

Ripa Won’t Let David Arquette Try Out for Live!