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Roger Ailes Calls Gawker ‘Pornographic,’ Reminds Everyone He’s Rich

Doubtlessly already aware that Gawker’s Fox News mole had been found out and dealt with, network boss Roger Ailes looked positively smug last night at the Hollywood Reporter’s Most Powerful People in Media event. “What’s Gawker? Is that a pornographic website?” Ailes said smirking, and certainly playing dumb. “I don’t care if they have a mole because we aren’t doing anything wrong, so it doesn’t matter,” he said. (The mole, Bill O’Reilly producer Joe Muto, has still been fired, of course.) “They hate me because I make money and I do it legitimately and they don’t like my politics,” Ailes added. “And that’s America.” Good night and God bless.

Roger Ailes: ‘Is Gawker a Pornographic Website?’