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7-Eleven Is Sending Mitt Romney Some of Those Cookies He Loves So Much

A 7-Eleven sign
Thar’s cookies in them thar 7-Eleven! Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Mitt Romney’s ill-conceived observation on Tuesday that a plate of cookies looked like they might have come from a “local 7-Eleven” was, clearly, an unflattering commentary on the quality of the esteemed nationwide convenience store’s baked goods. But, surprisingly, the company isn’t upset at the presumed GOP nominee. Because, even though Romney was insulting 7-Eleven’s cookies, at least someone was finally acknowledging the cookies! “Mitt Romney is right,” glass-half-full 7-Eleven spokeswoman Margaret Chabris told us just now. “There are bakeries dedicated just to delivering and making fresh baked goods every day, 365 days a year, for 7-Eleven stores. So we were very amused, because he got it right.” Chabris added that, to show Romney what he’s missing, 7-Eleven is even going to “send some [cookies] to his campaign headquarters in Boston so he can try them out.” He’ll be so thrilled!

In related news, here is a video of Romney saying, “I’m not sure about these cookies. They don’t look like you made them,” over and over again, because why not.

7-Eleven Is Sending Romney Its Cookies