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Mitt Romney Once Again Forgets That He Went to Harvard

Out-of-touch egghead intellectual Barack Obama probably “spent too much time at Harvard,” it was suggested today by Mitt Romney, a person who earned a joint JD/MBA degree at Harvard over the course of four years — one year longer than the three years Obama spent at Harvard getting his law degree, and two years longer than the time spent by three of Romney’s sons at Harvard Business School.

This is not the first time that Romney has insulted his own alma mater; in fact, mocking the beliefs of the “Harvard faculty lounge” has become a routine part of his campaign speeches. “I didn’t learn about the economy just reading about it or hearing about it at the faculty lounge at Harvard or debating it in Congress,” he said on March 18. “That may be what they think in that Harvard faculty lounge, but it’s not what they know on the battlefield!” he proclaimed on August 30.

Does Romney think his supporters are ignorant of his own Harvard ties, or just that they’re too imperceptive to recognize the unbelievable phoniness of it all?

Romney Again Forgets That He Went to Harvard