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Sanford Rejects Police Chief’s Official Resignation Over Trayvon Martin Shooting [Updated]

Bill Lee, who removed himself from the Trayvon Martin investigation amid widespread criticism of his department’s failure to arrest George Zimmerman in the wake of the incident, is expected to officially resign today. According to an announcement made by Sanford officials, the city commission will hold a 4 p.m. meeting to “approve” Lee’s separation agreement, which will become effective at midnight. Meanwhile, while City Manager Norton Bonaparte said in a statement that he was “confident” that Lee’s temporary replacement, Darren Scott, would remain on board, CBS is reporting that a source within the department said “one of” the acting chiefs might depart, as well. Update: Apparently, the outcome of that meeting was less predetermined than observers assumed. Sanford’s commissioners have voted 3-2 to reject Lee’s resignation, with one saying he “needs to be reinstated immediately.”

Sanford Rejects Police Chief’s Resignation