nyc's most eligible bachelor

The Snack Man Is Officially New York’s Most Eligible Bachelor

Apparently, the ability to calmly eat Pringles while standing between a screaming woman and a cowering man on the New York subway makes you prime husband material — at least judging by the 50 or so messages Charles “The Snack Man” Sonder has received over the past several days. (The notes include several marriage proposals, he informed DNA Info.) As one commenter wrote on the viral video’s YouTube page, “He has a supernatural ability to be calm as shit and stop idiots from doing stupid things, while enjoying his time,” which suggests some great Super Dad potential. But it seems the 24-year-old still wants to play the field a bit before settling down with a suitable Snack Lady. “I might entertain the idea of a date depending on who’s asking, but I don’t plan on getting married anytime soon,” Sonder told the Daily News. So for all you Lays-loving ladies out there: Go for the soft sell.

Snack Man Is New York’s Most Eligible Bachelor