Stabbed NYPD Officer Expected to Make a Full Recovery

Eder Loor.

Doctors treating Eder Loor, the police officer who was stabbed in the head by a mentally ill man in East Harlem yesterday, say he should make a “complete recovery.” That’s kind of amazing, considering the knife pretty much plunged directly through his brain (or, more technically, after “entering just behind [his] left eye,” the three-inch blade cut “deep into the temporal lobe and all the way down to the skull base.”) And that’s not even the most cringe-inducing part:

[Loor’s wife] said her husband told her that he had removed the knife from his left temple himself. “I think he pulled his own knife out,” she said. “Since he’s an E.M.T., he somehow managed to hold the pressure. And somebody on the street, I believe, handed him a towel.”

Somehow, this all happened without any damage to his ability to feel his face, speak, see, or otherwise live normally. Mount Sinai’s head of neurosurgery told reporters Loor was the “luckiest unlucky man you could ever have.”

Stabbed NYPD Officer Should Make Full Recovery