Destructive Tornadoes Sweep Through Dallas–Fort Worth Area

Tornadoes touched down this afternoon in the Dallas–Fort Worth area, tossing 53-foot tractor-trailers like Hot Wheels toys, and leaving behind flattened buildings, uprooted trees, widespread damage, and roughly 47,000 homes and businesses without power. Injuries have been reported, but no fatalities.

The National Weather Service declared two tornado emergencies in the Dallas–Fort Worth area, advising that storm spotters and radar showed separate “large and extremely dangerous” tornadoes.

It was like ‘The Wizard of Oz,’” said Gwen Dabbs, a Dallas woman who took cover in a corner of her living room after her windows were destroyed by tornado winds. “My body is sore from being in the corner. But I don’t have not a cut, not a scratch, and I’m so thankful. Thank you, Lord.”

Flights at Dallas–Forth Worth International Airport were disrupted as the airport sustained damage from the hail and winds.

The Weather Channel reports that on Tuesday night, the storms that caused the tornadoes are expected to impact eastern portions of Oklahoma and Texas to northwest Louisiana as well as southwest Arkansas. It’s possible that tornadoes hit those regions in addition to expected severe weather.

The incredible footage below was recorded near a truck depot in southern Dallas, where a twister flung around semis and trailers. Wow.

Destructive Tornadoes Sweep Through Dallas–Fort Worth Area