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Verizon Workers Rescue Strangled Cat From Tree, Name It Fios

We were walking on the sidewalk and we heard a meowing,” said 42-year-old Verizon lineman Vinny Cassidy of the tabby cat he spotted in Middle Village, Queens. “I thought it was under a car, but it was up in a tree. It looked like a noose was around his neck.” Cassidy’s partner Robert Munday then hopped into their truck’s lift, grabbed the cat, which was clutching the tree with one leg, and cut it free from the cable. The 1-year-old cat, dubbed Fios, was sent for treatment at a local animal hospital and may go up for adoption by the weekend. Fios is severely underweight, is equally as cute as the cat in the stock photo at left, and has eight lives remaining.

Verizon Workers Rescue Strangled Cat From Tree