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War With Iran Somewhat Less Imminent!

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad flashes the V-sign for victory as he waits for the arrivak of Qatari Minister of State for International Cooperation Khaled bin Mohammed al-Attiyah in Tehran on October 13, 2011.
Peace! Photo: Atta Kenare/AFP/Getty Images/2011 AFP

For the past few months, it seemed as if an Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear program, perhaps with American assistance, could happen as soon as, well, any minute now. But in the wake of a mildly successful diplomatic summit in Istanbul, as well as increasing disagreement in Israel over the wisdom and necessity of such a strike, the chances of military confrontation have diminished, for now. There are even signs that the Iranian government is “preparing the public for a deal with the West that could be portrayed as a win for Iran.” In terms of American politics, a peaceful, negotiated settlement to such a seemingly intractable issue would be another major feather in President Obama’s cap. Of course, Mitt Romney would probably claim the entire thing was his idea