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Where Do NYC’s Ashley Madison Users Live?

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According to a press release sent our way by a rather amazingly named PR firm, Bridge and Tunnel Communications, the most cheater-filled neighborhood in New York City proper is Park Slope. That’s from a list obtained by tallying up per-capita membership for So really, it’s the neighborhood in which people who want to cheat are most likely to pay a cheesy website to aid and abet them in said enterprise. But as the Post notes, men in particular seem likely to begin affairs after they have kids, and Park Slope is famously the land of milk and strollers. And, like most of the neighborhoods on the list, it’s also a locale where people tend to have a bit more extra cash. The full ranking of the metro area:

1.    Great Neck, Long Island
2.    Park Slope, Brooklyn
3.    Upper East Side, Manhattan
4.    Forest Hills, Queens
5.    Tribeca, Manhattan
6.    New City, Clarkstown
7.    Douglaston, Queens
8.    Riverdale, The Bronx
9.    Howard Beach, Queens
10.  Garden City, Long Island

We’re not remotely convinced this is at all accurate, but Anthony Weiner did live in Forest Hills.

Where Do NYC’s Ashley Madison Users Live?