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Fifteen-Year-Olds Responsible for Brooklyn Dart Attacks, Obviously

Brooklyn’s brief blow-gun nightmare is over as police arrested a 15-year-old boy in connection with Sunday night’s dart-sniper attacks. Three random men were shot from a nearby rooftop, and none of them could figure out why they were being hunted, the Post reports. “Suddenly, I felt like a punch in my thigh. I saw a needle in my leg and the second time in my stomach,” said one victim, who’s displaying a hell of a gut bruise. “I was very afraid. We did not know if the needle was poison.” Fortunately for everyone, the darts don’t appear to contain any dangerous substances, but police are still looking for another 15-year-old who his friend claims has the blow gun. Police said the caught kid “did not provide further reason for why he shot the people or how he or [his alleged accomplice] got hold of the blow gun,” but teenage boys are typically as resourceful as they are idiotic.

15-Year-Olds Arrested for Brooklyn Dart Attacks