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NYPD Arrests Plastic-Bag Bomb Scare Mastermind

The plastic “I Love NY” bag that forced dozens in Brooklyn to leave their apartments and get a bit of sun on Friday is far more sinister than originally reported. The “suspicious package,” which drew a bomb squad to Williamsburg, was actually an art installation placed in a tree by 50-year-old Takeshi Miyakawa.

Gothamist reports that the artist was arrested early on Saturday morning while installing an identical piece in Greenpoint. Miyakawa has been charged with planting false bombs and was ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation, though he’s released photos of himself creating the harmless artwork and says this is all a misunderstanding. “Takeshi loves New York, he loves this city, he loves design,” says friend and fellow artist Louis Lim. “He was trying to bring a little bit of joy into their lives.” Hopefully Miyakawa has learned his lesson about trying to brighten New Yorkers’ days.

Artist Arrested for Plastic-Bag Bomb Scare