Obama on The View: ‘I Love Hanging Out With Women’

In case it wasn’t clear that Barack Obama wasn’t trying to shore up his already-strong support among women,  the same day he gave the graduation speech at Barnard, he taped an episode of The View, which aired this morning. “I love hanging out with women!” he told Whoopi, Joy, Babs, and co.  The president also explained that he wasn’t mad at Biden for jumping the gun on the administration’s new gay-marriage stance, even though it meant he couldn’t announce his support on The View.

The hosts weren’t the only women Obama flattered: He also, once again, joked about how his wife keeps him grounded with all her jokes about his big ears. But his XX-chromosome pander wasn’t perfect: The president hadn’t heard of Fifty Shades of Grey, the latest erotic obessession among the nation’s women. Why wasn’t a primer on the Red Room included in his briefing?

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