Bill Clinton’s ‘Worst Party Ever’ Just a Lesson in Disguise

Also, in the future we will live in tunnels like this one, because of nuclear war. Photo: Samir Hussein/Getty Images

On Tuesday night, Bill Clinton hosted a London bash for his Clinton Foundation Millennium Network, whose mission is to “encourage the next generation to address global challenges.” According to a number of guests, who paid a minimum of $200 a head, it was a disaster. One miffed attendee even called it on Twitter the “WORST. PARTY. EVER.” The Telegraph reports:

A source told The Daily Telegraph: “We arrived, there was perspiration dripping off the walls and the place absolutely stank. It was like walking into a cave.

We left at 9.15pm with a number of other people as the place was too crowded, too unpleasant and nothing had happened 

Marie Phillips, author of Gods Behaving Badly, said she had she had spent one and a half hour waiting outside with around 300 other people, and had missed most of the evening’s speeches.

Too crowded, you say? Uncomfortably hot? Well guess what: This is precisely the type of dystopian future we face due to overpopulation and climate change — unless, that is, you, the next generation, figure out a way to stop it. Only now can you truly understand the global challenges we’re up against. You’ve just been Clinton Foundation’d.

Bill Clinton Throws the ‘Worst Party Ever’